About PAW

What's PAW?

PAW is the result of the joint effort by several different organizations from countries such as Poland, Greece, Spain, Lithuania and North Macedonia who wish to establish effective methodologies for education on animal welfare and therapy with animals.

After a thorough research in the countries mentioned above, we came to the conclusion that most educational systems do not include animal welfare within their curricula or as an optional subject. Some teachers and parents may decide to teach and educate on animal welfare and empathy by themselves but not all children have access to such good examples.

Some experts in education believe that educating children on aspects such as respect, kindness, empathy towards animals and other related issues such as animal production, wild animals and responsible ownership will bring positive outcomes for both the child and the animal.

The PAW project is funded by the European Commission and it is built in accordance to the EU strategy for the protection and Welfare of Animals, which focuses on the achievement of the following goals:

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